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Artist Biography

Ron Parks is president and chief executive officer of Millard Manufacturing Corporation, a stainless-steel fabricating business near Omaha, Nebraska, that specializes in custom designed food-processing equipment for national companies.  Ron has also co-authored a book with his wife, Judy, on small-business management called Manager's Mentor: A Guide for Small Business.

His interest in art spans most of his life, from painting theater sets as a teenager to supporting the arts as a patron and collector and creating monumental sculptures in metal and stone.

Ron applies to the creative process the knowledge and experience gained from a 30-year career of inventing, designing, and fabricating in metals.  His works are products not only of his creativity but also of excellent workmanship:  He has the best craftspeople and resources at his disposal.

Fusing the fabricated with the natural, each monolithic piece provides a perfect accent for plaza, entrance, atrium, or landscape. Ron's work invites the viewer to join in by teasing your sense of reality and reshuffling your expectations. Light strikes angle and veers off. Shadow glides along curve. Imagination blends with fine craftsmanship.

News and Publications

Ronald Parks is designated as a Distinguished Entrepreneur for 2005 by the University of Nebraska's College of Business Administration.

Cutting Edge Art by Judy Horan.  An article from the B2B Quarterly magazine in Omaha about Ronald Parks and his artwork.  Winter 2005.

Member Serves As Businessman, Author, Leader, Artist.  An article from the proFILE newsletter produced for members of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.  September 1, 2003, page 5.

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